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Creating Mathlets with Open Source Tools

Markus Hohenwarter and Judith Preiner

Author Information

Markus Hohenwarter is the creator of GeoGebra and is currently a visiting professor at Florida Atlantic University. Judith Preiner is PhD student in mathematics education. Both are currently working in the NSF MSP project Standards Mapped Graduate Education and Mentoring at FAU.


Today's Internet provides a large number of freely available interactive materials for mathematics learning and teaching. Most of these mathlets are ready to use but not ready to be modified or extended. In this article we present a collaborative environment of open source tools around the dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra that gives educators the freedom to create new and modify existing materials in an online community. We describe how to do this based on design principles for multimedia learning and experiences from our work with teachers.


This article uses Java (1.4.2 or later) and JavaScript for several interactive figures created with GeoGebra. Please install Java from and activate JavaScript in your browser if necessary.

Publication Data

Published August 2007; article ID 1574. Copyright © 2007 by Markus Hohenwarter and Judith Preiner.

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Markus Hohenwarter and Judith Preiner, "Creating Mathlets with Open Source Tools," Convergence (July 2008)