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Actionscript 3 Tutorials - Basic Constructs and Interactions

Doug Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz

Each of the links below opens a new window in which you can download a complete tutorial guide (pdf) along with all supporting source code (zip) referenced by the guide. Clicking on the screen shot on the right opens the actual applet in a new window so you can explore its functionality.

Making Custom Buttons   An introductory tutorial. We will show you how to make your own button and explain Flash's authoring environment.
Using Textboxes in an Arithmetic Quiz   In this tutorial we walk you step-by-step through creating an arithemtic quiz. The tutorial demonstrates dynamic and input text fields, buttons, and the random number generator. It also explains "Publish Settings".  
Simple Line Segment: Creating Sprites and Shapes from Mouse Clicks   We guide you through creating a simple applet in which line segments are dynamically drawn as the user clicks on a board. The fla files are provided for enhancements and making vertices draggable.
Using the Combo Box Component for Matching Problems  A simple applet that may prove very effective when teaching proofs. The applet is created using a built-in component, combo box.
Using the Radio Button Component for a Multiple Choice Question  Another simple applet and another component: the radio button.  

Doug Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz, "Actionscript 3 Tutorials - Basic Constructs and Interactions," Convergence (July 2007)