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Flash Tools for Developers: 3D Graphers in ActionScript 3 - Overview

Barbara Kaskosz, Doug Ensley

Barbara Kaskosz, University of Rhode Island
Doug Ensley, Shippensburg University

This Flash Forum article provides classes and instructions for creating 3D graphing applets using the Adobe Flash CS3 programming environment with the ActionScript 3.0 language. After working through this material you will be able to build a fully customized 3D graphing application (using either a function in two variables or parametric equations) using your own instructions, color schemes and custom functionality.

The compressed file  contains all templates and code referenced within the article, and the thirty-nine page Developer's Guide (param_surf_as3.pdf ) gives detailed instructions for some specific customization tasks. Within this article, there is a brief description of each of the five templates including active versions of each to demonstrate its functionality. In addition, we list some of the specific customizations that are addressed within the Developer's GuideNote that you will need to have the Flash 9 player plugin installed on your machine to properly view the example files.

Barbara Kaskosz, Doug Ensley, "Flash Tools for Developers: 3D Graphers in ActionScript 3 - Overview," Convergence (August 2007)