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Flash Tools for Developers (AS3): Graphing curves in the plane - Using the Templates

Barbara Kaskosz, Doug Ensley

The compressed file contains all templates and code referenced within the article, and the twenty-five page Developer's Guide (planar_tools_as3.pdf ) gives complete documentation of our 2D graphing classes as well as examples of how they are used.  The templates below are used as examples in the documentation and can be opened in Flash CS3 to provide a starting point for using these custom classes.

Function Grapher Template 1

Template 1 consists of the Essential Grapher which graphs up to three functions in a single window and displays coordinates of points when the mouse passes over them. The user can also draw directly on the graph by moving the mouse while down.

AS3 Function Grapher Template 1

Function Grapher Template 2

Template 2 demonstrates how  Template 1 can be easily extended to include the trace functionality common to many graphing programs and devices. 

AS3 Function Grapher Template 2

Parametric Curves Template

This template provides basic functionality necessary for graphing and tracing parametric curves on the plane in either rectangular or polar coordinate systems.

AS3 Parametric Grapher Template

Barbara Kaskosz, Doug Ensley, "Flash Tools for Developers (AS3): Graphing curves in the plane - Using the Templates," Convergence (July 2007)