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Gauss-Kronrod Integration

Cathleen O'Neil

Cathleen O'Neil

Johnson County Community College

Gauss-Kronrod integration is an adaptation of Gaussian quadrature used on some graphing calculators, in particular the Texas Instruments graphing calculators where it is called fnInt. This mathlet outlines the mathematical computations involved and visually demonstrates the process the calculator uses to evaluate the integral. Visualization highlights possible shortcomings of the method. Examples are suggested in the mathlet for exploration of the method; an example of a troublesome integral with a work-around is included.


Calculus, numerical analysis


This Java applet uses Swing components and requires Java Plug-in 1.1.1. Macs require Macintosh Runtime for Java(MRJ) and the SwingAll.jar file.

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Cathleen O'Neil, "Gauss-Kronrod Integration," Convergence (July 2004)