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Leslie Matrix for Age-structured Populations - References

Jennifer Spangenberg, John Jungck

Primary Reference

Leslie, P H. 1945 On the Use of Matrices in Certain Population Mathematics. Biometrika 33:183-212.

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Current Research Articles

Yearsley JM, 2004 Transient population dynamics and short-term sensitivity analysis of matrix population models. Ecological Modelling 177: 245-258.

Chandler GT, Cary TL, Bejarano AC, Pender J, Ferry JL. 2004 Population consequences of fipronil and degradates to copepods at field concentrations: an integration of life cycle testing with leslie matrix population modeling. Environmental Science Technology 38: 6407-14.

Jennifer Spangenberg, John Jungck, "Leslie Matrix for Age-structured Populations - References," Convergence (December 2006)