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MathDL Flash Forum - What's New?

Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz

Clicking on a link or a thumbnail in the gallery below will either open a new window for you to try out the corresponding applet or take you directly to the full posting within the Flash Forum. Click here to go to the Flash Forum archive to find previous postings.


The Flash Forum article The Beauty of Parametric Curves offers two applets. The one for designers encourages experimentation with patterns, and the one for mathematicians allows a user to enter any definition of a parametric curve with parameters corresponding to sliders values.  Commented source code and required custom classes are included in the downloadable zip file.

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The NSF-funded project that funded the development of much of the material on the MathDL Flash Forum website uses the website for ongoing dissemination.

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This video tutorial with supporting files highlights the exciting capabilities of the open source project PaperVision3D. The particular example uses Adobe Flex 3, but since the underlying programming language is ActionScript 3, the broad idea is applicable to Flash as well.

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This article Motion in 3D provides examples and Flash CS3 source code for plotting a parametrically defined curve in space and tracing velocity and acceleration components as arrows on the graph. Any functions can be entered by the user and the applet also contains a series of interesting examples for teaching.

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Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz, "MathDL Flash Forum - What's New?," Convergence (November 2007)