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Mathematics Animations with SVG

Samuel Dagan (Tel-Aviv University)

The table of contents on this page will direct the reader to five pages written in XHTML with links to SVG files that produce animations illustrating various calculus concepts.

Samuel Dagan
Tel-Aviv University

Software specifications

These pages are technically based on the XML open standards technology, recommended by the Web Consortium: XHTML - for text, MathML - for mathematical expressions, SVG - for graphics. This requires the installation of the free browser Firefox 3 or higher on your Windows, Mac or Linux platform. Installation of the STIX fonts is optional, for improving the display of the mathematical expressions. The graphic files can be displayed also by the free browser Opera 9.5 or higher on your Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris platform.

About this collection

These five pages are based partially on the free samples from the online calculus course MathAnimated™ (, where you can access all the free samples, or by subscription - the entire course. Each one of them opens an introductory file on a new tag, containing links to the corresponding animated and interactive graphics.

Getting started

To get started, the reader might try viewing the proof of the Pythogorean Theorem for an overview of how to navigate the interactive figures.

Samuel Dagan (Tel-Aviv University), "Mathematics Animations with SVG," Convergence (February 2010), DOI:10.4169/loci003318