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Open Source Sharable Applet (OSSLET) Collection - Osslet review procedure

Frank Wattenberg, OSSLETS Editor

Osslets will be reviewed by the editorial board at the United States Military Academy once each month.  To be reviewed at a monthly meeting of the editorial board an osslet must be received at least two weeks prior to the board meeting.  Thus, each submission will be reviewed within two – six weeks after it is received.

Submissions should be complete and ready to be posted on the osslet Web site.  If a submission is accepted by the editorial board it will be posted within one week(or as soon as feasible) of the editorial board meeting.  Thus, accepted osslets will appear on the Web site within three – seven weeks of the time they were received.  The keys to this rapid turnaround are that submissions should be of high scientific and pedagogical quality; they should be ready to post; and they should be thoroughly edited and the interactive components thoroughly tested before submission.  In general, a submission that does not meet these standards will be returned to the author for corrections and/or edits. The editing panel may include suggestions and comments when applicable.

Submissions must include all of the following:

  • For the interactive component: An executable file (e.g. .dcr for Shockwave), source code (e.g., .dir file for Shockwave), and complete documentation.  Documentation of simulations must cover underlying algorithms and models.
  • At least two ready-to-use curriculum units.  These must be in an editable format (e. g. Microsoft Word) and must include all supporting materials – any instructor notes, associated homework assignments or quizzes, and anything else that is needed to use the unit.
  • Possibly additional examples showing the flexibility of the interactive component.
  • Complete documentation explaining how the osslet may be used for each of the following types of use:
  • Use of an off-the-shelf curriculum unit with no modification.
  • Flexible use of the interactive component that does not require programming.  Typically this involves changing parameters in the html code that calls the interactive component but it might involve other techniques as well – for example, using html forms and Javascript.
  • Use involving programming.  The interactive components should include well-commented source code and sufficient documentation.
  • A signed copy of the Osslet Open Source Agreement.

All submissions should be sent via email to: [email protected]

Frank Wattenberg, OSSLETS Editor, "Open Source Sharable Applet (OSSLET) Collection - Osslet review procedure," Convergence (May 2006)