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Clifford H. Wagner

Clifford H. Wagner
Penn State Harrisburg

The Sampler software simulates samples from a wide variety of populations in a manner that is ideal for classroom presentations. Sampler presents bold data and colorful graphics that are easily viewed on a personal monitor or on a large projection screen. It is strongly recommended for the user to read the overview and tutorial before using the Sampler software.

Click here to run Sampler  in a new Window


  1. Enlarge your browser window to full screen if possible (in most browsers, select Full Screen (F11) from the View menu).
  2. Sampler graphs use a horizontal scale that shows values in terms of standard deviations above or below the mean, and when multiple samples are generated, only the data from last sample is kept on the screen. Read FAQs on the help menu for further details.
  3. Sampler is written in Java; if your browser does not support Java, download free software at Be patient while the applet is loading.

Clifford H. Wagner, "Sampler," Convergence (January 2007)