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Special Instructions for Authors of Resources


Loci: Resources provides an exemplary collection of free online teaching and learning materials. Authors of items for Loci: Resources should keep in mind that when a potential instructor and his or her students view the published material in the collection, there is not a great deal of context. Hence, care must taken to ensure that the following are easily accessible:

  • statement of purpose and scope (e.g., student audience, relevant course(s), necessary technology, etc.)
  • instructions for use by the instructor;
  • at least one specific example of a demonstration, student activity, or exercise that is clearly written and well-connected with the technology; and
  • instructions for use by the student.

Materials in Loci: Resources may involve, but are not limited to, one or more of the following technologies:

  • interactive web pages using Java or Flash applets, Javascript, or server-side applications;
  • web pages enhanced with animation or streaming video;
  • downloadable programs that run independently of the web or web browser; or
  • modules developed for commercial software like Excel, Maple, Mathematica, MatLab, or others.

"Special Instructions for Authors of Resources," Convergence (February 2009)