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TSP Generator

Sean L. Forman

Sean Forman
([email protected] )
St. Joseph's University

Using server-side technology, this application allows the user to input a set of U.S. cities and computes two standard approximate solutions to the Traveling Salesperson Problem for this set of cities using great circle distances as weights. When feasible, the application also provides the optimal solution using a branch-and-bound method. Additional features include showing the set of cities graphically and providing references for more information on each of the techniques used.

Intended audience.

Upper level students studying approximation methods as well as lower level students learning about the TSP in general.

Software specifications.

Any web-browser on any operating system. Those with slow internet connections are advised to request the smallest graphics.

Open TSP Generator in a new window

Sean L. Forman, "TSP Generator," Convergence (June 2005)