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Trieste photos

The photos below—all by Adriana Salerno—supplement the article "Investigating Motives for L-function Computations," which appeared in the February/March 2013 issue of MAA FOCUS.

The Adriatic Guesthouse at the ICTP (where we were lodged and held our meetings).

A working session, with Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas at the front of the room.

A working group. From left to right (sitting and facing the camera): Gonzalo Tornaria, David Roberts, Pascal Molin, and Henri Cohen. Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas is standing.

Eating gelatto and walking around Trieste after a good day of work (from left): David Roberts (University of Minnesota, Morris), Frits Beukers (Utrecht University), Fredrik Stromberg (visiting researcher at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics), and Frithjof Schulze (grad student at University of Hanover).

Sunset at the harbor across from the Adriatic Guesthouse.