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Supplements to Articles in Mathematics Magazine


Taylor and Francis currently hosts all web supplements to MAA journal articles. To find a web supplement, log into your MAA profile page, click on the subscriptions tab and choose the journal with the article you wish to view. If the article has a web supplement, there will be a tab that says supplemental. Click on the tab and download the supplemental material to view it there.

If there is missing or incomplete supplements, please contact Bonnie Ponce at



Supplements to Pinemi Puzzle by Lai Van Duc Thinh

Supplements to MathFest 2017 by Brendan Sullivan


Supplements to Pinemi Puzzle by Lai Van Duc Thinh


Supplements to Mathematics in Love by Tracy Bennett

Supplements to Pinemi Puzzle by Lai Van Duc Thinh



Supplements to Joint Mathematics Meeting 2017 by Brendan Sullivan

Supplement to Convergence Results for the Class of Periodic Left Nested Radicals by Devyn A. Lesher and Chris D. Lynd


Supplements to Mathematics and Elections by Michael A. Jones and Jennifer Wilson


Supplements to MathFest 2016 by Brendan Sullivan


Supplements to Mathematical Methods by Brendan Sullivan



Supplements to Editors Past and President, Part 1 by Tracy Bennett


Supplements to Books for a Math Audience by Brendan W. Sullivan


Supplement to The James Function by Christopher N. B. Hammond, Warren P. Johnson, Steven J. Miller

Supplement to The Median Value of a Continuous Function by Irl C. Bivens and Benjamin G. Klein

Supplements to 2D or Not 2D by Brendan W. Sullivan



Author and Title Index to Mathematics Magazine Volume 87

Supplements to “Award Winners” by Brendan W. Sullivan


Supplements to "Types Theory" by Brendan W. Sullivan


Supplements to "A Reed-Solomon Code Magic Trick" by Todd Mateer

Each pdf file consists of five pages, one with all four cards, and then larger images of each card, one per page:


Supplements to "What Do You Study?" by Brendan W. Sullivan


Supplement to "Perplexities Related to Fourier's 17 Line Problem," by Gerald L. Alexanderson and John E. Wetzel:
Perplexed Computations (pdf) by Daniel Lichtblau and Wacharin Wiciramala.


Supplement to "The Graph Menagerie: Abstract Algebra and the Mad Veterinarian," by Gene Abrams and Jessica K. Sklar, in the June issue:


Supplements to "Modeling a Diving Board" by Michael A. Karls and Brenda M. Skoczelas: Appendix showing the solution to the model, Mathematica notebook, and the same notebook in PDF format.

Supplement to  "Casting Light on Cube Dissections" by Greg Frederickson in the December 2009 issue: Casting Light on Cube Dissections.

Supplement to "Keeping Dry: The Mathematics of Running in the Rain" by Dan Kalman and Bruce Torrence in the October 2009 issue. These demonstrations allow you to dynamically control both weather conditions and the size and shape of a 3-dimensional traveler as he runs through the rain. There are two versions. The file Torrence- RunningInTheRain-Source.nb requires Mathematica (version 6 or higher). The file Torrence-RunningInTheRain.nbp requires the free Mathematica Player application, which is available here.


Supplement to "Dirichlet: His Life, His Principle, and His Problem", by Pamela Gorkin and Joshua Smith in the October 2005 issue: A Mathematica package file, which can be used to show solutions to the Dirichlet problem on the unit disk with rational boundary data.

Supplement to "How to Maximize Your Chances of Getting a Color Match" by Ramin Naimi and Roberto Carlos Pelayo in the April 2005 issue: A PDF file containing proofs of some of the more technical theorems.


Supplement to "Simpson Symmetrized and Surpassed," by Daniel J. Velleman in the February 2004 issue: A Mathematica notebook that implements all the algorithms from the article.


Supplement to "Means Appearing in Geometric Figures" by Howard Eves in the October 2003 issue: An animated demonstration (in Geometer's Sketchpad) of the means in a trapezoid, by Shannon Umberger Patton.

Supplement to "Symmetric Polynomials in the Work of Newton and Lagrange" by Greg St. George in the December 2003 issue: The author's translation of sections 30 and 31 of Lagrange's Reflexions sur la Resolution Algebrique des Equations.


Supplements to "Plotting the Escape—An Animation of Parabolic Bifurcations in the Mandelbrot Set" by Anne Burns in the April 2002 issue: Plotting orbits and Viewing the animation.


Supplement to "Two Reflected Analyses of Lights Out" by Óscar Martín-Sánchez and Cristóbal Pareja-Flores, in the October 2001 issue.

Supplement to "The Track of a Bicycle Back Tire" by Steven R. Dunbar, Reinier J. C. Bosman, and Sander E. M. Nooij, in the October 2001 issue.

Envelopes of Zags, a supplement to "ZigZags" by Peter Giblin, in the October 2001 issue (Requires a Java-enabled web browser.).

Supplement to the "Proof Without Words: The Pythagorean Theorem," by Jose Gomez in the April 2001 issue: an interactive display. (Requires a Java-enabled web browser.)


Supplements to the article "A Postmodern View of Fractions and the Reciprocals of Fermat Primes" by Rafe Jones and Jan Pearce, in the April 2000 issue:

  • Code to draw graphs of fractions, in Qbasic.

  • Code to draw graphs of fractions with Matlab.

  • Code to draw an array of four graphs of fractions with Matlab.


Supplements to the article "Apollonian Cubics: An Application of Group Theory to a Problem in Euclidean Geometry," by Paris Pamfilos and Apostolos Thoma, in the December 1999 issue: computer programs for further study of the Apollonian cubics.

Supplement to the Note "Proof Without Words: Geometry of Subtraction Formulas" by Leonard M. Smiley in the December 1999 issue: Geometry of Addition Formulas.

Supplements to the article "Woven Rope Friezes" by Frank Farris, Santa Clara University, and Dr. Nils Kr. Rossing, in the February 1999 issue:

  • Images of rope friezes

  • Java Applet illustrating how to construct patterns of this type.