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DigitalED - Mobius MAA Placement Suite

The MAA has a new partnership with DigitalEd, a leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics, to create a suite of web-based mathematics placement tests. The test content is developed by the MAA, and delivered using Möbius Assessment Testing Environment.

The Möbius MAA Placement dramatically enhances the ability of colleges and universities to assess students’ knowledge of math. Given the Web-based nature of the system, it is also an ‘anytime-anywhere’ system, providing convenient access for students and saving valuable time for institutions. Universities can place their students in the right courses quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional placement tests.

Benefits of Möbius MAA Placement Tests

  • Student success: Today's students arrive with a wide range of backgrounds in mathematics. Correct placement ensures higher success rates for students. Students are more satisfied with the education they are receiving, and instructors can focus on teaching the content of the course instead of dealing with ill-prepared students. Institutions can plan appropriate levels of courses and be confident that they are meeting students needs.
  • Created by experts: MAA placement test items are written and MAA placement tests are constructed by panels of college mathematics teachers who are directly involved with teaching students the courses served by the placement tests. Final approval for each test comes from the MAA.
  • Statistically rigorous and validated: Before a test can become an MAA standard or calculator-based placement test, it is first administered at select institutions. The results undergo detailed analysis, with modifications and further trials as required. While it is not possible for the millions of variations of algorithmic tests to undergo the same testing procedure, the algorithmic tests are based on the original algorithms used to create the parallel forms of the standard placement tests. All of the algorithmic questions have been reviewed and approved by the MAA.
  • High content validity: MAA placement tests have high content validity in the judgement of college faculty members who either helped construct the tests or piloted the tests at their institutions. For three decades, many mathematics departments have found the tests reliable and valid for appropriately placing students in entry level mathematics courses. The tests assess simple computational and manipulative skills in unrehearsed contexts as well as understanding of fundamental concepts needed for success in introductory mathematics courses.
  • Trusted for decades: Started in 1977, MAA placement tests are used by hundreds of institutions throughout the U.S.

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Pricing and Further Information

Sales and marketing of the Möbius MAA Placement are managed by DigitalEd. For more information, including articles and answers to frequently-asked questions on how to implement placement testing on your campus, visit DigitalEd's Möbius MAA Placement, or contact DigitalEd Sales at 1-800-268-2935. Click here to read MAA's >Placement Test Program User's Guide.