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Writing Awards

Individual pages link to pdf copies of the prize-winning papers and provide short biographical sketches of the authors. 

  • The Carl B. Allendoerfer Award for articles published in Mathematics Magazine

  • The Chauvenet Prize for an outstanding article on a mathematical topic

  • The Merten M. Hasse Prize for a noteworthy expository paper appearing in an Association publication, at least one of whose authors is a younger mathematician, generally under the age of forty

  • The Trevor Evans Awards for exceptional articles that are accessible to undergraduates and published in Math Horizons

  • The George Pólya Awards, established in 1976, is named after the renowned teacher and writer, and is given for articles of expository excellence published in The College Mathematics Journal.

  • The Paul R. Halmos - Lester R. Ford Awards for outstanding expository papers in The American Mathematical Monthly. Between 1965 and 1975, Ford awards were given for articles in the Monthly or Mathematics Magazine. Since 1975, the awards have been for strictly for Monthly articles.

  • The David P. Robbins Prize for an outstanding paper in algebra, combinatorics, or discrete mathematics

  • The Beckenbach Book Prize for a distinguished, innovative book published by the MAA

  • The Euler Book Prize for an outstanding book about mathematics

  • The The Daniel Solow Author’s Award for material (textbook, lecture notes, computer software, web-based learning materials, video lectures, and others) that impacted undergraduate education in mathematics and/or the mathematical sciences (operations research, statistics, computer science, applied mathematics).