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Daniel Solow Author’s Award

The Daniel Solow Author’s Award was approved by the Board of Governors in 2015 and was given for the first time at MAA MathFest 2017. The award recognizes the author or authors of undergraduate mathematics teaching materials with the primary criteria for selection being the material’s impact on undergraduate education in mathematics and/or the mathematical sciences. This award was proposed and funded by Danny Solow, Professor in the Department of Operations at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.

Please submit the nomination form and attachments to the MAA Secretary by October 1. More information about the award can be found here.

List of Recipients


Jim Hefferon, Saint Michael's College
Linear Algebra.


Timothy Chartier, Davidson College
Numerical Methods: Design, Analysis, and Computer Implementation of Algorithms (with Anne Greenbaum, published by Princeton University Press), Math Bytes: Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing (published by Princeton University Press), When Life is Linear: From Computer Graphics to Bracketology (published by MAA Press), and his Princeton University Press Mathematics Blog.


Beth Chance, George Cobb, Allan Rossman, Soma Roy, Todd Swanson, Nathan Tintle, and Jill VanderStoepIntroduction to Statistical Investigations (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Hoboken, NJ, 2018).


Ted Sundstrom, Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof (Self-published. Printed by CreateSpace: Charleston, 2014).