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A modified Fibonacci triangle is created by squaring Fibonacci numbers. Interesting numbers such as Lucas numbers appear.

Some bounds on the roots of the polynomial functions are discussed.

A short geometric discussion of the convergent and divergent series is given.

Taylor series for sine and cosine functions and their derivatives are discussed.

This capsule gives an elementary solution to the problem of negotiatiating the right price for the buyer and seller.

Solving a puzzle which deals with \(n\) interlocking gates

Using graphing calculators or computers to discuss critical points of polynomials

How to minimize the cost of filling up a rental car

The author shows that every \(2 \times 2\) real matrix with nonreal eigenvalues represents the composition of the following three operations: (1) a vertical “lift” to a plane...

The author uses base 12 and base 14 to show that certain sets are countable.