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A mathematician and his dog go out for a run. On their return, the mathematician wonders how much further he ran than the dog. His analysis uses parametric curves and vector calculus to obtain...
The author finds a more effective way to deal with partial fractions with an irreducible quadratic denominator.

The authors provide a geometric proof for the limit , \(\frac{\sin t}{t}\), simpler than the geometric proof found in most calculus textbooks.

If \(s_n\) is the product of the entries in the \(n\)th row of Pascal's Triangle and \(r_n = s_n/s_{n-1}\), then a proof is given of the fact that \( \lim_{n \rightarrow \infty} r_n/r_{n-1} =...

Find the probability of winning a game.

A new technique is described for providing a geometric interpretation of a function of a complex variable.

The author presents a visual proof of the well-known formula for the sum of the first n cubes.
Now is the time for all good men to do mathematics. Work, work, work more. Count, add, subtract, and more. MathDL now is MAAs pathway within the National Science Digital Library. Other features...
The author provides an elementary proof of the reflection property of the ellipse, without using calculus.