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A visual proof of the ordering of the means in the title is presented.

For what positive number \(x\) is the \(x\)-th root of \( x\) the greatest?

Bernoulli`s inequality is presented visually.

An arctangent identity is presented visually.

The author presents a simple proof of a special case of Dirichlet`s celebrated theorem on primes in arithmetic progressions.

Descriptions of the behavior of a family of functions

Solving an expected value problem without using geometric series

In the game of tennis, if the probability that player \(A\) wins a point against player \(B\) is a constant value \(p\), then the probability that \(A\) will win a game from deuce is \(p^2/(1 - 2p...

Solving Pell Equations using Fibonacci-like sequences

The author uses elementary geometric methods to calculate the fraction of the area of a soccer ball covered by pentagons.