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A simple proof for Last Fermat Theorem when n=4 in Gaussian Integers

Goldbach's conjecture on the expression of odd numbers and some examples

The existence of an odd perfect number is related to the abundancy index.

All but finite numbers of integers can be written as a sum of \(N\) squares, where \(N\) is between 5 and 156.

The author gives a new formulation of the conjecture.

This article presents an algebraic proof of the primitive root theorem.

If two elements in a ring are multiples of each other, are they necessarily unit multiples? In general, the answer is no; it is yes for the integers mod \(n\).

The author proves Fermat's little theorem using iteration of functions.

The graph obtained by constructing an edge between each pair of primes with difference a power of 2 is not connected.

An interesting unusual visual and rigorous proof of Fermat`s Little Theorem, with unusual generalizations