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Construction of the shortest time solution for the falling object under gravity

Using graphing calculators or computers to discuss critical points of polynomials

How to minimize the cost of filling up a rental car

The article illustrates a gap in some not-so-rigorous methods used by authors to use arc length to show the derivative of the sine function is the cosine function.

Taylor series for sine and cosine functions and their derivatives are discussed.

Leonard Gillman uses a definition of limit based on order rather than metric properties of the real line to prove l'Hôpital's Rule.

A new proof of the binomial identity is given and the method is applied to prove other identities.

In the classical problem of fixed perimeter and maximum area of the calculus, it is shown that the length of the fence affects the shape of the optimal pen.

The author solves the classical problem of firing a projectile through a target situated on an inclined plane.

The author shows with an example that you cannot predict the correct limit by selecting a few values nearby.