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A Buffon Needle-type problem for a coin dropped onto a sectioned circle is analyzed.

An old Dagwood cartoon introduces brief discussion of a simple problem involving random walks.

The author discusses an application of the Central Limit Theorem.
The author derives approximations for the probability arising in birthday-type problems without using calculus.

This article links two seemingly unrelated problems, one in probability and the other in dynamical systems, and shows they are actually one involving Fibonacci numbers.

Probabilistic analysis of the importance of a game in a series of games in a competition

The authors give a "simple, conceptual" proof of the fact that the t-distribution converges to the standard normal. The proof is accessible to undergraduates.

The author applies basic probability theory to the papal election of 1458.

The author describes an integral that represents the proportion of wages covered by Social Security and exposed to taxation.

Another variation on the Buffon needle, this one with the needle embedded in a rubber ball.