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Does a measure of the center of a distribution determine if it is symmetric or skewed?

This article models the life of a chain letter as a branching process.

The behavior of the sample correlation coefficient as it approaches indeterminate values

This capsule modifies the familiar birthday problem in ways that are accessible to students in a first course of probability and statistics.

The author investigates claims by Russell in Religion and Science about the probability of getting a large number of heads in a row when a coin is repeatedly tossed.

The \(t\)-probability integral is evaluated by reduction to a finite sum.

Line of regression can be obtained using algebra and technique of minimizing a parabola.

Playslips in state lotteries are used to motivate calculation of probability.

Describes and solves combinatorial problems related to pizza toppings

If the probability of a tennis player's winning a point is \(p\), what fraction of games should she win?