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Free input phase plane of a system of ODEs
Six different portraits of a system of ODEs
A JOde applet that illustrates problem 3.2.22 (c) from Zill's DE book on a tsunami. The problem asks students to graph solutions for a model of a tsunami with specific initial conditions.
This webpage displays fully-worked examples finding the first terms of the series solution of a second-order linear homogeneous differential equation with polynomial coefficients.
Two videos which demonstrate the physical solution to a system of differential equations which models the mixing of liquids between tanks
This Mathematica demonstration provides an interface for visualizing the solution of the classical SIR model for an infectious disease.
This Mathematica Demonstration shows a single-span Euler–Bernoulli beam under four possible support conditions and with three different loading arran
A collection of Java applets for a number of topics.
A Mathematica manipulate showing the effect of herd immunity on smallpox transmission. Simple dynamic display of the result of changing the initial fraction of immunes.
A java applet plotting solutions of ODEs. There is a drop down menu for different solvers including Euler, Modified Euler, RK and Dormand-Prince.