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A Mathematica demo showing the error behavior and construction of simple Runge-Kutta schemes for first order DE
A Java applet which enables the user to create the phase portrait for a 2D system of differential equations. Applet will also plot trajectories for given initial conditions and isoclines.
A presentation that gives background in epidemiology, and presents the basic SIR and SIS models.
The webpage produced by this URL shows all of the demonstrations pertaining to Newton's Law of Cooling that have been submitted to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

The lesson begins with using graphs to solve quadratic inequalities.

This lesson begins with linear equations and inequalities in one variable and then moves on to linear equations in two variables.
Finding the intercepts of a linear model graph.
A unit on linear modeling using tables, equations, and graphs to explore different contexts (bike rentals, fuel consumption). A homework assignment is included at the end of the unit.
This project is excellent when you have completed the chapter on lines. It has students create their own data and graph it and then choose a reasonable line, which represents their data.
"The purpose of this activity is for students to explore the use of rational equations to solve practical problems.