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2 days. Hands-on activity using the actual path of light through your container of water.
This activity has been modified from Real World Learning Objects, Internet-based Activities for Higher Education. The need to access an online calculator has been removed.

The purpose of this lab is to investigate motion, and the use of the equation \(d=rt\).

Using regular soda cans and their cardboard containers, students will calculate volume and surface area.
Hands-on activity. The purpose is to help students learn to use variables and to write equations to model a problem situation.
Hands-on activity. Plotting points, writing linear functions algebraically, relating slope and \(y\)-intercept to context. Compares value of coins in different piles.
A hands-on activity to help students understand four basic binary operations in algebraic expressions, solving linear equations in one variable, and solving a formula for an indicated variable, us
Students learn to develop the equation for a line. The emphasis is on the significance of the slope and the \(y\)-intercept.
Students use the internet to research values relevant to projectile motion such as acceleration due to gravity and the height of objects.