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The lesson begins by associating the distance between two points with the right triangle that may be formed by joining the points and extending horizontal and vertical lines through the points.
The lesson begins with the product and quotient rules for radicals, highlighting the frequently made mistakes of students by overgeneralizing the rules.

The lesson begins with an emphasis on isolating the radical expression in a radical equation and then highlights the importance of checking for extraneous solutions that may be generated when t

The lesson begins with a discussion about growth factors and percent increase, leading to the presentation of the compound interest formula.

Beginning with a formal definition of an exponential function, the lesson then compares the graphs of increasing and decreasing exponential functions.

The lesson begins with an application problem to motivate the necessity and use of a logarithm. The formal definition linking logs and exponents is then introduced.

The properties of logarithms are presented after the corresponding laws for exponents are reviewed.
The lesson begins with population application problems looking at doubling time, the constant time that it takes for an exponentially modeled population to double.
This lesson introduces logarithmic scales as a means for plotting data that might otherwise be difficult plot due to their widely varying values.
Students will make the necessary conversions using basic equivalency tables for standard measurements used in cooking.