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Hands-on activity. The purpose is to help students learn to use variables and to write equations to model a problem situation.
The purpose of this lesson is to develop an understanding of quadratic functions.

Studies \(y=k/x\) and the meaning of asymptote. Uses fact that elimination rate for some drugs varies by population.

Using regular soda cans and their cardboard containers, students will calculate volume and surface area.

The purpose of this lab is to investigate motion, and the use of the equation \(d=rt\).

Using real world data, this lesson introduces linear regression using lines of best fit that may calculated by hand by selecting two pints that appear to fall on the line of best fit.
A calculator based introduction to systems of linear equations.
An introduction to solving systems of equations using substitution and elimination. There are both applications based and non applications based problems.
An introduction to solving a 3x3 linear system of equations. Back substitution and triangular form are first introduced, and then a general procedure for solving systems is presented.

This lesson introduces quadratic equations and graphs. Equations of the form \(ax^2 + c = 0\) are solved via extraction of roots.