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This is a collection of visualizations of parametric plane curves and space curves and their properties: secant, tangent, curvature, osculating plane, osculating circle, evolute, involute and tang

This is an interactive plotter for parametric curves in three dimensions. The user can enter any parametric equation and adjust the range of the parameter.

This is a collection of 29 Java applets for exploring arithmetic of vectors. Also included are the vector form of the equation of a plane, and other geometric uses of vectors.

A brief description of the Navier-Stokes Millenium Problem as a prize problem. Includes a video of a lecture on the problem aimed at a general (non-mathematical) audience.

This is a configurable java applet with a simple interface to enter vector fields and display integral curves. The user has a choice of Runge-Kutta or Euler's method.

A grapher and collection of applets which display interactive curves and surfaces.
This is a collection of 18 instructional videos on the role of vector valued functions in multivariable calculus. Each is a solution of a single problem on some topic.