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A detailed explanation of the workings of the planimeter (a device for measuring area using Green's theorem). Has interactive applet and images.
A informational, non-interactive website on planimeters. Has nice graphical explanation of how linear and polar planimeters work.

An elegant planimeter applet. The user can pick from 6 built-in figures to compute the area by tracing around the perimeter.

Euler was the first person to recognize that mixed second partial derivatives are equal (in general) -- except that he discussed differentials instead.
Works out solution of a simple flux integral problem, together with commentary
This applet shows the path of a golf ball rolling on a putting green. You can choose to add the velocity, acceleration, and tangential and normal accelerations.

Geogebra tool that draws a parametric curve and shows acceleration vector and velocity vector

Maple package for computing line and surface integrals, as well as normal and tangent vectors, etc.
Explains the use of Riemann sums for evaluating double integrals, with accompanying rotatable 3D visualizations of a surface and a Riemann sum approximation.

This is a Mathematica lab worksheet that leads students through an exercise in finding the volume of liquid in a cylindrical tank that is tilted at some angle from the horizontal.