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This resource provides a visualization of the velocity and acceleration vectors of a "puck" moving around in the plane.
Interactive java applet which allows the user to plot any two- or three-dimensional parametric curve together with associated tangent and normal vectors.
This java applet provides a variety of graphing functionality supporting multivariable calculus.
Provides a simple visualization of the polar to rectangular "change of coordinates" by displaying a polar rectangle adjacent to its mapping into rectangular coordinates, together with explanatory
Applet which allows the user to visualise and move a point by its rectilinear or cylindrical coordinates simultaneously.
This project is aimed at bridging the gap between how vector calculus is taught by mathematicians and how it is used by scientists.

Simple learning unit with applets to study Cartesian, polar and oblique coordinates. Applets are accompanied by exercises and solutions.

Applet visualizes arbitrary change of variables in two dimensions.
Displays regions of integration in the plane for both rectangular and polar coordinates.
Collection of nine video lectures on double integration, together with supporting notes and problem sets.