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Displays a quadratic surface and provides students with practice identifying the type of surface as well as its equations. Also has optional stereographic display.

Set eccentricity and watch the planet move around. Illustrates Kepler's second law by clearly showing how velocity varies at different points of an elliptical orbit.
Allows the user to "fire" projectiles on a 2D graph. User may adjust the initial velocity and angle, the mass of the projectile, and air resistance. Provides several languages.
Webpage describing how Kepler's Laws apply to binary stars, with supporting figures and equations.

Collection of worksheets for use with Sage, covering differentiation, graphing functions, line integrals, and optimization.

This is a collection of images and animations of various concepts in multivariable calculus, including a plane tangent to a sphere, a function with two local maxima but no local minimum, and a

This is a Java applet used to visualize the relation between various derivatives in differentiating a function of two variables along a parametrized curve.
Collection with various multivariable calculus applets including: Contour Diagram Plotter; 3D function Grapher; Parametric Curves and Surface in spherical, cylindrical and rectangular coordinate;

Graph paramertic curves in rectangular as well as polar coordinates. Curves can be traced showing the direction of motion and the way a curve is traversed.