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This Java applet allows users to view slopefields for differential equations of the form \(dy/dx = f(x, y)\). Users can select examples from a dropdown list or enter their own.
This Java applet allows users to see a visual representation of numerical approximations for the area under a sample curve.
This applet allows users to select and plot an example function or input a user-defined function.
A large collection of animations that illustrate families of functions and curves including: linear, power, polynomial, rational, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions.
QuickTime animation of a volume of revolution.
This is essentially a Jeopardy game with the categories being integration, definite integrals, substitution, the fundamental theorem, and area between curves.
This Java applet allows the user to explore the concept of an improper integral by graphing a function and adjusting the upper limit of the integral of the function with a slider.
GeoGebra combines capabilities of a dynamic geometry program (like GeoSketchpad or Cabri) with an equation grapher.
This maplet provides guided practice in the mechanics of geometric series, including determining if they converge and finding their sum when they do (with feedback and hints).