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A powerful computational engine that will provide analytical and graphical solutions to differential equations input by the user
A 2D slope field and solution plotter. Reasonable parser and stable. Has some good drop down examples. Includes a nullcline and time reversal.
Video describing how to model and solve a problem involving the position of a mass attached to a srpring.
Notes explaining basic modeling with first order differential equations, looking at specific examples of Mixing Problems, Population Problems, and Falling Bodies.
These student Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects developed over seven years are collected at the COMAP website (Â
Many many examples of real-world bifurcation problems. Includes an index of examples. Smaller collection of demos and software (mostly 10 year old Fortran programs)
Four different applets for graphing solutions to systems of equation.
Massive applet with many options for graphing 3d systems. Comes with instructions for all the options.
The user is given a first order differential equation and four plots of direction fields and asked to choose the field that matches the given differential equation.
The applet draws solution curves (actually animates them) and direction fields for 2x2 autonomous systems.