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Graphs solutions of diffusion equations over time. Interface could be smoother. You have to click at different points on the timeline to get things graphed - animation would be helpful.
These student Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects developed over seven years are collected at the COMAP website (Â
Notes explaining basic modeling with first order differential equations, looking at specific examples of Mixing Problems, Population Problems, and Falling Bodies.
Video describing how to model and solve a problem involving the position of a mass attached to a srpring.
A Mathematica demo showing the error behavior and construction of simple Runge-Kutta schemes for first order DE
A java applet plotting solutions of ODEs. There is a drop down menu for different solvers including Euler, Modified Euler, RK and Dormand-Prince.
There are 58 applications of differential equations over four pages on the site. You can download the Maple worksheet as well as a description of the worksheet.
The odetoolkit lets you enter a first order ode or system in normal form and then solve the initial value problem numerically, presenting the results either graphically or in tabular form.
This is an applet of the graphical phase plane of about ten different 2nd order systems of 1st Order ODEs. The applet requires download of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project (120MB)
This webpage displays a graphical solution to a second-order, constant coefficient equation with a constant coefficient cosine forcing function.