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This video lecture introduces the cumulative distribution function and discusses properties of the function.
This video outlines the uses of two-ways tables and the different ways these tables can be analyzed. The video uses "real-world" data and problems to frame the concepts.
This video defines random variables and compares discrete and continuous distributions. It also provides various "real-word" scenarios that are modeled by random variables.
This webpage provides brief information about common discrete and continuous distributions including binomial, Poisson, t, normal, and F to mention a few.
This Wikipage provides a lengthy explanation of the normal continuous (Gaussian) distribution.
This site has a basic description of the normal continuous distribution, a normal distribution calculator, as well as a few examples.

This java applet allows you to '"compare the Poisson [distribution] with the Normal distribution with the same mean and variance."

Goal of problem - estimate \(\pi\). A needle of length parameter \(l\) is droped on hardwood floor with floorboards of width 1.