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This applet demonstrates an "\(\dots\)experiment consist[ing] of rolling \(n\) dice, each governed by the same probability distribution."

This applet demonstrates an "experiment consisting of rolling a die and then tossing a coin the number of time shown on the die." This demonstrates conditional probability and conditi

The applet represents the number of sharks observed in one square mile in an hour. The user presses the button to "fish" . The distribution is plotted as the user catches fish.
Starting point for people who need an explanation of the game and various hand categories. Example images of the categories of hands are given. Probabilities of the hands are calculated.
The home site for the megamillions lottery which includes ads.
This site provides a lesson that the user can work through. There are pages for derivation, graphs, examples and links to other sites.
The video continues with the example from the video, Binomial Distribution 3: Using Excel to Visualize the Basketball Binomial Distribution: Video, of shooting a basketball 10 times.
The video uses an example of shooting a basketball 10 times and calculates the probabilities.
This video uses the probabilities for flipping a coin five times that were derived in the first video to create a histogram, note how it resembles a bell-shape, and discusses binomial coefficients
This video derives the binomial distribution and the probabilities associated with for the experiment of flipping a coin 5 times