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Goal - estimate \(\pi\). Experiment shows dropping a needle on lined paper to get an estimate of \(\pi\). Links to various Math Standards are included.
This page gives a simple explanation and example of Bernoulli trial and Bernoulli process.
This page gives information on the Bernoulli Distribution including the pdf, cdf, moment-generating function and characteristic function.
This page discusses how the distribution of coin tosses makes a good approximation to a Bernoulli Distribution.
This interactive resource allows the user to enter \(p\) and \(n\). It gives the probability distribution, graphs it, and can also calculate probabilities between two given values.
This article gives a description of the Binomial Distribution. It has both graphic and functional forms of the cdf and pdf.
This video derives the binomial distribution and the probabilities associated with for the experiment of flipping a coin 5 times
This video uses the probabilities for flipping a coin five times that were derived in the first video to create a histogram, note how it resembles a bell-shape, and discusses binomial coefficients
The video uses an example of shooting a basketball 10 times and calculates the probabilities.
The video continues with the example from the video, Binomial Distribution 3: Using Excel to Visualize the Basketball Binomial Distribution: Video, of shooting a basketball 10 times.