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A simulator for powerball. The user buys 2 tickets per week for 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years. Stopping rules can also be set.
The home site for the powerball lottery which includes ads. On the "nine ways to win" at the bottom of the page, the odds are shown.
This wikipedia article lists the lotteries available in each state and includes whether or not the state allows Megamillions and Powerball.
This Wikipedia article focuses on the history of lotteries including in B.C.E. Little to no mathematics is included.
An explanation of the game is given.
Explanation of the paradox without extensive math. Probabilities are not listed and expected value is not calculated.
The classic St. Petersburg Paradox where the player receives $\(2^n\) if the coin lands heads on the \(n\)th toss. Mathematical explanation of the expected value is given.
Extensive discussion of the classic St. Petersburg paradox with numerous alternatives given to the classic formulation.
An applet which simulates a game of chance between the gambler of finite means and the bank, which cannot go bankrupt. Vary the starting amounts and the target amount to win.