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Overview of Monty Hall problems including original letter to Marilyn vos Savant. Some variations are given.

Official "Let's Make a Deal" site. References to the Monty Hall problem in other popular media including movies, television shows, newspapers, and books are given.

Concise explanation of Monty Hall problem with a written explanation of the solution.
This is a short article on Bayes' theorem. The theorem is derived in the setting of a finite partition of the sample space.
This is a brief article on the law of total probability. The law is expressed in terms of a partition and in terms of a discrete random variable.
\(n\) balls numbered 1 through \(n\) are randomly arranged. A match occurs when the ball number matches the position number. The number of matches is recorded.
Part of the Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics. This link is to the extensive expository material which in turn links to associated applet material.
Links to an interactive text with succinct explanations for probabilities for all nine possible five card poker hands.
This short article gives Pascal's triangle for generating binomial coefficients (based on the standard identity) as well as the Galton board.

This is a nice short article on combinations, permutations, and the difference between them.