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Before algebra students can be expected to understand traditional "word problems," they need experience using algebra as a language, i.e. writing algebraic expressions and equations.
This worksheet leads students to discover the differences between linear equations and identities. The well formulated questions force students to employ critical thinking.
Students will use a variety of different size squares to form right triangles. After recording the lengths of the sides, students will square the values and look for the relationship.
A set of four practice sheets on solving multi-step equations. Students will complete these worksheets in groups of four. Teacher instructions are enclosed.
This activity is designed to help students connect various representations (verbal, tabular, graphical) of linear functions. The activity is designed to be completed in groups of two.
Using a cost/revenue application problem, the lesson begins with systems involving quadratic equations.
Using systems of equations, students will determine the missing components in the ratios used to determine batting average.
he main purpose of this lab is to explore the proportionality of forearm length and height. The students will record their heights and forearm lengths, first plotting on a table.

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This link takes you to the list of capsules in Integration: Applications under One-Variable Calculus within Classroom Capsules and Notes.