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Web Enhanced Instruction with GeoGebra: Creating and Using Applets without Learning Flash or Java

Russell Blyth, Michael May
July 19-23, 2010

Registration Fee: $100 by June 7, $150 after

GeoGebra is an easy-to-use, free, cross-platform program that allows users to create demonstrations and exploration tools with both geometric and algebraic representations. These can be saved as applets, for use either by the instructor or students. The workshop will include:

• An exploration of the capabilities of GeoGebra, with a focus on creating example demonstrations for a variety of courses;

• Demonstration of the techniques for producing effective applets and incorporating them into web pages;

• Discussion of pedagogical issues in effectively incorporating applets into your courses.

No previous knowledge of the software is assumed.

For additional information, visit the Web Enhanced Instruction with GeoGebra workshop webpage.

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