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Beyond Introductory Statistics: Generalized Linear and Multilevel Models

Beyond Introductory Statistics: Generalized Linear and Multilevel Models This workshop is full. Registration is now closed.

Jim Albert and Brad Hartlaub
July 16 – 20, 2012
Gambier, Ohio

Registration Fee: $225 per person/$350 per team of two ($300 and $500 respectively for registrations received after June 4, 2012)

This workshop focuses on the fitting and evaluation of regression models with a broad range of applications. The participants will first review multiple regression models for data, and then be introduced to logistic models for binary-response data, loglinear models for count data, and proportional hazards models for survival data. The course will make extensive use of Minitab and R. The primary goal of the workshop is to enhance a general statistical modeling course by introducing instructors to new models and software so that they can develop new activities and resources appropriate for their institution. Participants will learn from each other and share resources during on-site and post-workshop components. Institutional teams that consist of professors from two or three different disciplines who teach a second course in statistics are encouraged to apply.

For additional information, visit the workshop webpage.

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