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Building Model Courses for Online Homework with WeBWorK

Jason Aubrey, Anneke Bart, Djun Kim, and John Travis
July 1, 8, and 10 – 13, 2013
Online and Washington, District of Columbia

Registration Fee: $275 per person ($350 for registrations received after May 20, 2013)

WeBWorK is a web application that makes homework more effective and efficient for students of mathematics and the sciences. Instructors new to WeBWorK often ask for a ready-to-go collection of assignments to help them quickly implement online homework in their courses. Based on the skills and interests of the participants, this workshop will focus on developing assignments for two or three model courses. During two preparatory web-conferences, participants will analyze existing models, identify learning objectives, and develop a problem syllabus for each new model. During the intensive component, participants will work collaboratively on problem sets for these courses and develop skills for selecting, editing and authoring better problems so that these models can be tested by participants and others. To participate, colleagues must have sufficient programming/online homework background--for instance, by successfully completing the PREP 2013 online workshop “Authoring Effective Homework Problem WithWeBWorK"-- or have significant pedagogical skills.

Partial funding is provided by NSF DUE-0920341.

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