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Online 3-D Graphics: Linear Algebra and Google Web Toolkit

Thomas E. Leathrum
July 16, 17, 19, 22, 23, and 25, 2013

Registration Fee: $150 ($225 for registrations received after June 4, 2013)

This workshop is designed for faculty in mathematics and computer science who are interested in developing high-quality, mathematically meaningful, online demonstrations using three-dimensional graphics. Participants will learn to use the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) development platform and the Eclipse software environment, along with libraries to be distributed to the participants. With these tools, participants will apply basic linear algebra concepts to build visualizations easily in Java and compile them to advanced cross-platform applets embedded in web pages. As a prerequisite, participants only need enough knowledge of programming and web development to be able to complete, during the preparatory component of the workshop, self-guided tutorials in the basic usage of the development software (see for example, During the intensive component, each participant will complete at least one classroom-ready online applet. The development methods will extend easily to developing more applets for other topics after completing the workshop.

For additional information please go the workshop webpage.

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