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Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL)

Stan Yoshinobu, Matthew Jones, Carol Schumacher, Ralf Spatzier, Michael Starbird

June 23 - 26, 2014
Gambier, Ohio
August 3 - 6, 2014
Portland, Oregon

Registration Fee: $325 per person ($400 for registrations received after May 12, 2014 for Gambier workshop and after June 22, 2014 for Portland workshop)

Mathematics departments across the country face challenges helping their students move beyond the procedural learning that typically dominates their pre-collegiate math experiences.  Inquiry-based learning has proved to be an excellent tool to address some of the shortcomings in the mathematical education of students.  The IBL workshops focus on supporting college math instructors to implement IBL methods.

The workshops are especially designed for early-career faculty, although all levels of teaching experience are welcome. The workshops introduce participants to IBL methods, and include discussions based on videos from IBL classes, discussions of teaching and learning issues, sessions on nuts-and-bolts issues, and course content sessions with experienced IBL instructors.  The pre-workshop preparatory component includes reading articles and studying IBL-related videos.  Participants are strongly encouraged to select a target course as a focus for the course development process.  Follow-up activities include a post-workshop mentor program, meetings and invitations to present at conferences.

Primary funding is provided by NSF DUE-1225833, NSF DUE-0920057, the Educational Advancement Foundation, and the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning.

A limited number of travel stipends are available for assistant professors, postdocs, and graduate students.