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Haimo Award

Directions for Nomination for the Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics

Anyone may nominate an eligible college or university teacher (see Eligibility and Guidelines for Nomination) (This file is in PDF Format).

The usual way to nominate a person for the Haimo Award is to first nominate them for an MAA Section Award for Distinguished Teaching. Although there is a template of directions for this process of nomination for a Section Award, individual Sections may have special rules or different deadlines than those suggested in the template. It is best to check with the secretary of the MAA Section of which the nominee is a member, and to also check that Section's web site for details.

At the beginning of the academic year, each Section of the Association is invited to nominate one of its members for the Haimo Award. The Section nominee may be the current recipient of the Section Award for Distinguished Teaching or a previous recipient of such an award from any Section. The full nomination packet for the Section nominee should be sent to the National Secretary of the MAA, so as to arrive by March 1.

Nominations for the Haimo Award, other than the Section nominations, must also be received by the Secretary of the MAA by March 1. Such nominations may be current or past Section Teaching Award winners, or teachers who have not won a Section Award for Distinguished Teaching.

The Secretary verifies the completeness of each nomination packet and forwards all packets to the Committee on Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Awards.

This Committee on Haimo Awards consists of eight members, each appointed for a non-renewable term of four years. The terms are staggered (two new members each year). Former members of the Committee are eligible for reappointment after an interim of four years, except that members appointed to fulfill an unexpired term of one year may be reappointed, immediately thereafter, for a full term.

Each year the Committee on Haimo Awards may designate one of the nominees, who is a non-recipient, as a nominee for the Award in the following year. In this case, the nominator is contacted by the Chair of the Committee on the Haimo Award and invited to update the nomination.

For all nominations, the directions on the Nomination form should be followed carefully (This file is in PDF Format but can be filled in electronically). The full nomination packet is to be accompanied by a cover letter indicating whether this is a Section nominee or a different nomination. These must be received by the National Secretary of the MAA by March 1.

Up to three Haimo Awards are given each year. At least one of the Award recipients must be a current Section nominee. At most one of the Award recipients may be other than a current or past recipient of a Section Award for Distinguished Teaching.