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Submit a Proposal

The MAA Committee on Virtual Programs invites the community to submit proposals for upcoming virtual programming. The key components of these virtual programs should be online delivery, active participation, and relevant, engaging content. Proposals will be considered three times a year with deadlines of: 

  • Feb. 1 for summer programs to run in June, July, or August.
  • May 1 for fall programs to run in September, October, or November.
  • Oct. 1 for spring programs to run in February, March, or April.

Decisions will be communicated within 6 weeks after each deadline. Under exceptional circumstances, addressing a pressing need in a timely manner lends urgency to planning and delivering a virtual event. In such cases, we encourage emailing directly to discuss next steps.

Proposals can be for a one-time virtual event, like our March 2020 webinar on data science, or a series of up to four events on a single theme, such as our DEI webinar series. Series should plan to be run at regular intervals over a period of weeks or months within a summer or semester, and ideally have interim opportunities for participant engagement and community building. The proposal application form is currently closed, but will reopen on or about 2 months before the next deadline. 

Proposal Components

Virtual program organizers are responsible for determining the overarching theme of their session, inviting and communicating with speakers (if any), and leading the session’s virtual meetings. Programs should fall under one of the three following areas:

  1. Society & Profession: Programs in this category should bring a thoughtful mathematical perspective to engaging issues that impact individuals, departments/institutions, and the broader community.
  2. Teaching & Learning: These programs are designed to support the development of faculty in effective teaching within a changing environment.
  3. Expository Mathematics: Akin to articles published in MAA periodicals, talks at MathFest Invited Paper Sessions, or Distinguished Lecture Series presentations, this category of virtual programming invites lively, engaging, and accessible expository presentations on mathematical topics.

Please have the following information available as you prepare to submit your proposal.

  • Virtual program organizers information
  • Co-Sponsors (if any)
  • Length of program (one-time event vs. series of events)
  • Title of the program
  • Category (Society and Profession, Teaching and Learning, or Expository Mathematics)
  • Potential dates or period to run the meeting(s)
  • Potential list of panelists or speakers
  • Brief description of the program for the public
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Which MAA Connect Communities would your program likely interest?
  • Description of the program detailing how the program will function, any audience engagement planned, and how the program fits into any current trends in mathematics, mathematics education, or other themes (up to two pages).
  • Purpose of your program. Specifically, how does it align with the MAA goals and mission? (up to one page)
  • Are you interested in using Zoom polls, having feedback questions for the audience, and/or offer a certificate of attendance?


  • Topic: Is this something that is new, fresh, or trending in the community?
  • Engagement: How will the proposed program actively engage participants?
  • DEI: Was this proposal created through a DEI lens? For example, will inclusive data be presented, or do the panelists/speakers represent diverse backgrounds, or does the topic itself address diversity, equity, inclusion?
  • Impact: What is the likely impact of participation on individuals and the community?