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Operator Algebras, Quantization, and Noncommutative Geometry: A Centennial Celebration Honoring John von Neumann and Marshall H. Stone

Robert S. Doran and Richard V. Kadison, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 365
We do not plan to review this book.
* P. R. Halmos -- The legend of John von Neumann

Photo of stone

* G. W. Mackey -- Marshall H. Stone: Mathematician, statesman, advisor, and friend
* W. Arveson -- The universal $A$-dynamical system
* P. Baum -- On the index of equivariant elliptic operators
* B. Blackadar -- The algebraization of dynamics: Amenability, nuclearity, quasidiagonality, and approximate finite dimensionality
* D. P. Blecher -- Multipliers, $C*$-modules, and algebraic structure in spaces of Hilbert space operators
* N. Higson -- Meromorphic continuation of zeta functions associated to elliptic operators
* R. V. Kadison -- Non-commutative conditional expectations and their applications
* Y. Katayama and M. Takesaki -- Outer actions of a discrete amenable group on approximately finite dimensional factors I: General theory
* P. S. Muhly and B. Solel -- On the curvature of a completely positive map
* J. A. Packer -- Applications of the work of Stone and von Neumann to wavelets
* R. T. Powers -- Addition of spatial $E_o$-semigroups
* G. L. Price -- On shifts of minimal index on the hyperfinite $II_1$ factor
* M. A. Rieffel -- Compact quantum metric spaces
* J. Rosenberg -- A selective history of the Stone-von Neumann theorem
* M. Junge and Z.-J. Ruan -- Decomposable maps on non-commutative $L_p$-spaces
* A. M. Sinclair and R. R. Smith -- A survey of Hochschild cohomology for von Neumann algebras
* D. P. Williams -- From the Stone-von Neumann theorem to the equivariant Brauer group and beyond