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The power of Wolfram|Alpha is not limited to the K-14 curriculum. Even those college faculty who teach more advanced courses cannot afford to ignore Wolfram|Alpha. For instance, Wolfram|Alpha can compute quadratic residues mod 5, or give you the formula for the variance of uniform distribution. It can compute a Groebner basis for {x^2 y^3 + 3x^2 y - y^3, y^2+2x, xy}, and it knows about the baby monster group.

"Fourier x^2" will give the Fourier tranform of x2. However, if you want the Fourier series expansion of x2, then simply entering "Fourier series expansion of x^2" will not work. But if you follow up on Wolfram|Alpha's suggestion and click on Fourier series, you get to a page where you are told the Mathematica expression suitable for your inquiry so that you can enter your request in a way that Wolfram|Alpha's Mathematica core can interpret and respond to. Once you figure out that you are supposed to enter this question using Mathematica language, you can simply enter "FourierSeries[x^2,x,4]" to get what you want.

Thus with the power of Wolfram|Alpha at their disposal, instructors can assign computationally involved exercises which allow students to work with nontrivial problems. This opens up many new possibilities.


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